Trancio Pizza


Cristian Coliselli

Hi! I'm Cristian. I come from the beautiful town of Verona. I grew up there in a family that was always involved in the restaurant business since I was a little kid. My father Bruno and uncle Sergio owned several cafes, restaurants and food stalls. They were my mentors who taught me to work hard and with passion, to be creative and to have the courage to implement new ideas.

Almost my whole family were involved in the running of these businesses. I was no different - every weekend, as well as during the summer holidays, I would go to help out in the restaurant. This environment has massively contributed to shaping me as a person. As a teenager I was already thinking about starting my own business. I have been on a rollercoaster of experiences since then. I opened my first café at the age of 24. I have acquired a massive amount of experience from working in my hometown and London. Through managing several pastry shops, bakeries, pizza al taglio places and cafés over the years I have understood what the secret behind any successful business is.

I always try to work with passion and provide clients with the best food possible. I value creativity and I think that baking reaches its best when science is combined with the art.

Welcome to my world!