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Exceptional Roman pizza culture

We make a special, Roman style dough according to a modern interpretation of a recipe that has started in Rome several years ago. Since then it has rapidly spread across the world and is revered for its unique qualities. Our pizza dough is light, crispy and absolutely delicious. We cook all of our pizzas with love and patience, and we always try to serve our customers the best possible slice.

First day

During the first day of the cooking process we make Biga (a special type of pre-fermentation, frequently used in Italy). We use semi-wholegrain, stoneground flour. Thanks to these ingredients a complex panel of tastes and flavors is developed. This technique greatly improves assimilation of nutrients (mineral salts, vitamins and enzymes) and digestibility.


Second day

On the second day Biga is already mature and we are ready to proceed: we add more flour, water, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. After a long and slow kneading it becomes a light and airy cloud. Time for the fermentation! The dough is left to rest for the next 24 hours.


Third day

It's time to gently wake up the dough. However, in reality it wasn't sleeping at all! Since we last saw it, it has tripled in volume and became a truly magical cloud. It's time to shape the balls of dough! And then we'll give them a rest for the next 24 hours.


Fourth day

It is time to bake the dough! Finally all of our patience and care is paying off, as the dough gently rises in the oven, bubbling vigorously. It is now time to dress it up - of course, only with fresh, highest quality, italian ingredients, such as the famous San Marzano tomatoes, mozarella cheese, prosciutto ham, Leccino olives, as well as mortadella di Bologna sausage. Wisely combining these ingredients we can create a true work of art!

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