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Roman style pizza - "al Taglio"

Introducing pizza al taglio! This type of pizza originated in Rome and is common throughout Italy. The pizza base is partially baked on large trays, seasoned with fresh, high-quality Italian ingredients , the pizza is lined up on a counter and sold in pieces (known in Italian as tranci ). Pieces of pizza have a unique advantage - when you buy pieces, you can taste many different pizzas at the same time and create in your home what the Italians call Pizzata (a celebration with loved ones and good food)

Picos skonis

Pizza tradition

In Italy, it is customary to eat hot pizza, straight out of the oven, which means that usually pizza is bought cold and the cooking process is finished at home, because only then its true taste can be achieved and it can be enjoyed together with family or friends! Buying pizza cold is the only way to ensure that the taste of the pizza will be as if it was just made, like you would usually enjoy at the pizzeria. Just follow our instructions on the box and do not use the microwave! If you want to enjoy hot pizza straight away, just let us know and we'll finish baking it for you in our oven!

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We recommend choosing the pizza in the pizzeria itself, straight from the counter, where a wide range of colors and tastes will be waiting for you. However, we also deliver pizza straight to your home almost everywhere in Vilnius.

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